Whether you’ve lived here for decades or just moved here, as time goes on, there are certain things that you’ll find you’ll start to get annoyed with. I was chatting with coworkers and we were chatting about what things have we collectively grown to dislike in Midland/Odessa and here is our list.


  • 1

    Sitting a stop light for more than 5 minutes. If I have can go through an entire song sitting at a stoplight, that’s too long.

  • 2

    Driving in general. Good luck if you’re going to yield to the ramp on a loop and if there’s construction on a highway, it’s white knuckle driving between avoiding wild drivers and big trucks!

  • 3

    Ever changing weather. It’s weird to need a coat in the morning and then you’re in short sleeves in the afternoon.

  • 4

    Snow/Ice in general. Don’t lie. We all cringe when the forecast calls for ice on the roads because no matter how small the amount is, you know driving is going to be crazy that day!

  • 5

    Hearing about oil prices falling. Whether you work in the oil industry or not, when oil prices are down, we all take a hit.

  • 6

    The distances to other big events or attractions. We’re getting more and more events coming to our area, but when the hot summer tour is in Houston, Dallas or farther, it gets to be a hassle to drive that far.

  • 7

    High rent/housing prices. Yep, fastest way to get a West Texan to vent! Ask about rent or their house payments.