It be that way sometimes, right? I eat tuna fish on a regular basis and even when I'm making it I'm cringing. But once I take that first bite, oh my it's so good! Food that tastes amazing, we love it and probably even eat it on a regular basis but smells the worst! I asked this question on our B93 Facebook recently and got some great answers. 


Ismael *menudo

Agreed. In some cases if you didn't clean it properly that may be where the smell is coming from but otherwise, I'll take 2 bowls please.

Aqua *cabbage *chittlins

I don't eat a ton of cabbage so I'm going to take Aqua's word on this one!

Tessa *pork skins

Yep! Nasty smell, yummy road snack.

Nichole *shrimp & fish

I love, I mean love seafood and not all of my family does. So yes they do complain about the smell quite often.

Irving *papaya

Really? OMG I sure will go buy me 1 now to find out. lol

Ana and Diana *tripitas

Both of these lovely ladies on Facebook say tripas. I 100% agree but aren't they so good?

Elizabeth *broccoli/milk

I eat lots of veggies and would have to agree they don't smell the best while being steamed.

AmberNTony *deviled eggs

Uggghhh agreed! And how many of us have eaten those since Easter?

I would say eggs in any form smell awful but many of us eat them on a regular basis. Which other foods would you say taste amazing but the smell we can do without?

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