RAMIC Inc. is having their first annual kickball fall festival this weekend. On Saturday, October 2nd at Hogan Park. Get your kickball teams together and get ready to have a fun-filled family day!

What is RAMIC Inc?

RAMIC fundraises for Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, Military, and small businesses. We plan local events to raise money striving to bring community attention to local talent, trade, and skills.

According to the RAMIC website, this weekend's festivities will include jumpers for the kids to bounce around on, a bean bag toss, face painting, the ever popular corn hole. Bring your corn hole boards for a tournament. There will be a DJ spinning some tunes so get ready for some dancing oh and food! There will be multiple food trucks on the grounds with everything from breakfast to dinner and don't forget dessert!

On Friday the 3rd, Midland BJJ, a martial arts academy out of Midland, will be presenting a Jiu Jitsu competition. Folks of all ages will show off skills they have learned from this locally owned business. You can also enjoy a meal. Your $20 ticket will get you a meal and drink.

All proceeds from this kickball fundraiser will be donated to Midland BJJ (4612 Billingsley Blvd #39) to cover a couple of months of any police officer, first responder or veteran that would like to learn non-violent self defense. 

For more information on the event or to find out how to be a part of the kickball tournament, visit the RAMIC website. 

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