Piggy backing on the post from earlier about Margaritas being America's favorite drink, I wonder if the 432 shares the same fav as the rest of the nation. I like Margaritas but it's not even on my top 5 drinks list.

We do things a little different in west Texas. We rarely follow along with the rest of the nation. My countdown at 8 o'clock everyday has shown me that much. We do what we want lol. What's your favorite drink? Personally, I don't usually go for something sweet and alcoholic. Not only does it not suit what I usually crave but it can also result in a massive hangover. Here's my top 5.

1. Beer (too many different ones to list)

2. Whiskey (again too many different ones to list)

3. Dirty Martini (so dirty you're afraid it's going to give you something antibiotics can't get rid of)

4. Wine ( Whit or Red as long as it's REAL wine)

5. Patron (dressed)

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