A couple of months ago some girlfriends and I took a weekend birthday trip to Lubbock. Had a blast, specifically at a place we went to on the Saturday night we were there...it was a piano bar. (I had only ever been to one other in Austin.) I remember the girls and I talking about it wishing we had one in the 4-3-2, we sang along, it was great for the wives and mothers that we are and a breath of fresh air compared to where we could have gone! Not a rowdy crowd and at all. Cut to a couple of months later that this could potentially happen since I read a story the other day about a 'piano bar being in the works.' 

Apparently, there are 3 local entrepreneurs who would like to spice up Midland's night life and bring something NEW AND FRESH to the area by opening 'Ivory Keys,' an actual piano bar! Wait what? This is a thing? It would be in the site of the old Joe James Salon in Midland, at 2101 W. Wadley.

However, there are residents against the idea, specifically the ones that live nearby. A heated debate took place this past Monday at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting with arguments for and against this establishment coming to Midland. Several letters of objection were presented before the meeting and the piano bar may not happen? 

Am I wrong to think that this piano bar would be a nice change as far as night life in the area? The piano bars I have been to are classy establishments with business types and professionals who want to chill and enjoy a drink or two and glass of wine and dueling piano action after a long work week. When I think piano bar I don't think 'trashy dive bar.' What do you think? Would you like a piano bar in Midland?

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