If there is one thing I know about elementary aged children, after having 3 children myself, it's that they loooooove having mom and dad eat lunch with them from time to time at school. I've done it with all 3. Some parents do it several times during the school year and some parents only go on special occasions such as birthdays, the big Thanksgiving meal or this time of year, Christmastime. But what if you couldn't do so anymore? 

I was reading about one school district in a small town in Connecticut that has banned what they call 'helicopter parents' from having lunch with their children at school. The Superintendent announced the rule to parents recently and some are furious to say the least. Check out the story here. So I had to ask the question? Do you think this is right? Is it considered helicopter parenting if you do what parents have been doing for decades (mine did when I was little) and surprising their little ones from time to time for a quick lunch at their school? Would you be upset if it was banned from your kids school?

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