Alas, it's here among us. The most loved/hated couples day of the year. Valentine's Day for me is a mixed bag. I'm not particularly romantic but I like to think that I do things for my significant other just because I know she'll enjoy it. On one hand, I like the idea that V Day is the only holiday that focuses on the one we choose to be with rather than the family we were born with. On the other hand, I think couples should be doing things for each other year round.

The absolute worst part about Valentine's Day is the wait. If you want to take your lady love out to eat, good luck. Want to go to a  movie? May the odds be ever in your favor. Get her triple the price as normal. Luckily, my girl feels exactly the same way which is why I'm cooking for her then building a fire in the fireplace and we are gonna turn off all electronic devices, have a few glasses of wine, and make fun of people we don't like. Now THAT's romance.

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