I'm not sure what all is true when it comes to rumors of celebrities being from the 432. I've heard the Keifer Sutherland (The Lost Boys) is from here and I know my grandmother spotted him here once. I've heard Tommy Lee Jones is from here. I've heard Mathew McConaughey is from here and I've also heard rumors of Ryan Gosling being from here.

One celebrity I KNOW is from this area and I even went to the same school as him (not at the same time) is none other than voice actor Sean Schemmel who is none other than the voice of world famous anime character Goku from Dragonball Z! He and I grew up in the same Odessa stomping grounds and both went to San Jacinto elementary. I didn't know any of this until the first Basin Comic Con when I was lucky enough to be on his panel and interview him.

I'm a voice actor nerd and could barely contain myself enough to even ask questions. I actually do many voices and would love nothing more than to be a cartoon or anime character one day. This to me is way cooler than any rumor I've heard on the subject of celebrities from here and I was able to verify it myself. I know I'm not alone. A few of you are NERDING THE HELL OUT right now lol.