In our line of business we meet a fair share of celebrities, but THIS was fan girl overload for me. I don'y know if you realize this but THIS IS MR FREAKIN BROOKS! Mr. Brooks is easily one of my all time favorite movies. It was so insane standing next to Kevin Costner tying to remain professional and not fan girl the hell out on him lol.

He was totally chill just like you would think he is from his roles in the movies. He was super nice and not the fake nice like you feel with a lot of big time celebs. He was legitimately nice and he even talked to me about how Mr. Brooks is actually a trilogy and it's still open to having a couple of sequels. I had to check myself when he said that to keep from screaming like a school girl with joy.

The best part is, as he was leaving, a listener was walking in to claim a prize he had won while we were all taking pics with Kevin and saying bye. right after Kevin walked out the door, the listener asked what was going on and Rebecca looked at him and said, "Dude, that was Kevin Costner" and the guy in a high pitched voice yelled "WHAT!?!?!" and thew his tickets in the air in excitement. Everyone at the station laughed so hard they almost cried. . .  Oh and did I mention that his best pal and I got to talking, he gave me his cell number, and me along with 3 of my pals are gonna be hanging out with them all after his show tonight at the Wagner Noel!!!

I love my job.