I'm very fortunate in my line of work to get to meet, interview, and sometimes even hang out with celebrities. Not a ton of high profile hip hop artists roll through this area unfortunately but luckily my taste in music is pretty eclectic.

Yesterday the Make America Rock Again Tour came through the 432 at Dos Amigos. If you haven't see Dos since it's reopening you have to go check it out. The place was pretty packed last night and rarely did I have to wait in line AT ALL to get a drink. One of the bands there was Alien Ant Farm. The song they're most known for was their late 90's cover of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson.

The gentleman in the picture is Dryden, Alien Ant Farms lead singer. The lovely lady on the left is Tawny The Rock Chick from our sister rock station KBAT. We spent a good amount of time backstage last night and found out that these guys are every bit as cool as we thought they were as teenagers. If you were like I was in the 90's, it really didn't matter what genre of music it was as long as it made you feel pumped. I'm not gonna lie, I may have fan girled out a little lol.