Who's the biggest Cowboy's fan you know? There's a lot of haters out there and we love em but that's not what we're gonna focus on in this blog. I think the biggest Cowboy's fan I know has got to be my dad. Now Leo is also a HUGE Cowboy's fan but my father is kinda in a league of his own. Sure he has all the blankets, caps, T-shirts, plates, cups, and ice chests buuuuuut he has a few things that put him over the top. He has a custom made Cowboy's grill for the deer lease. He owns, several signed jerseys and helmets, as well as what I think is the most impressive part of his collection, 5 actual seats from Texas Stadium. He is pretty much obsessed and unlike a lot of recent Dak fans, he has been a fan since I can remember. Personally, I prefer college ball. I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was 9 but Dallas is getting Notre Dame line backer Jaylon Smith next year so you can bet I'll be watching and rooting for them. J Smith is a BEAST!