Who's the Biggest Cowboys Fan You Know?
Who's the biggest Cowboy's fan you know? There's a lot of haters out there and we love em but that's not what we're gonna focus on in this blog. I think the biggest Cowboy's fan I know has got to be my dad. Now Leo is also a HUGE Cowboy's fan but my father is kinda…
extreme jLo fan
Now this is a FAN-atic! I have a friend who is such a fan of J-Lo she got this tatted on her forearm. Jennifer's actual signature, the way she signs autograph's for fans. I love it but it's a little cray at the same time. lol
I do believe that our air conditioners decided to go on strike in 2016 because our first official day back from vacation, the whole time Leo and I were on the air this morning, it felt like we were in a sauna. It's been a HOT one today! However, thanks to my friend Chris Brizzown, my problem ha…