So it is indeed back to school time for our young ones and as I tend to the tedious task of school supply shopping let me tell you, I have had a couple of blast from the past reminders that are giving me life! If you have not browsed a school supply aisle lately or your kids are grown, let me show you what has made a comeback...

can you even right now? Does this not give you Jr high flashbacks, getting walked to class by your brace face, four-eyed boyfriend or girlfriend all googly eyed and giddy because everyone is seeing you walking down the hall together? You are 'walking me to class' official now! lol

I remember sitting at my desk thinking I was so cool with my Trapper Keeper, constantly ripping my notebook (insert velcro sound here) open to grab a folder or some paper. And the folders were cool too, the openings were like vertical instead of horizontal. How do I remember this detail? lol


Also, Little Debbie has outdone herself y'all! Who remembers Cosmic Brownies and Oatmeal Creme Pies? If you didn't take one of these in your school lunch box for dessert at any time in your childhood, did you even have a childhood? I remember like it was yesterday I loved and always wanted the brownies but momma was a fan of the oatmeal creme pies so since she did the grocery shopping, pies always won! lol It's all good though because I tore those up too.

Well now you must buy them and try them in the form of cereal! Who knew this was a thing? I'm telling you I actually have enjoyed the back to school shopping this year for this very reason. I am able to 'keep up with the new, old trends' because I am sorry kids, we made these things popular and cool back in the day. Bet!
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