Here's my family. From left to right you have yours truly, the one and the only Tawny the Rock Chick from our sister station 99.9 KBAT who is also my fiance', my mini me Dravyn, and Bryson AKA "Boogie". We hadn't gone out as a family in quite a while so my beloved and I decided we were long overdue. After steaks at Saltgrass, it was on back to the house for a evening family bike ride, immediately followed by the watching of the 1990's family favorite show America's Funniest Home Video's. Admittedly, it's definitely not the same since Bob Saget left but it's ok...I'm gonna be honest, I want to punch the current host right in his stupid goofy face.He's done absolutely nothing to me but his jokes are stupid and waaaaaay too cheesy...Ok, now I'm starting to realize why my haters hate me so much BUT THIS AIN'T ABOUT ME! It's about family and touchy feely things and such.

What's family time to you?