If there were a Superhero who fought crime in west Texas what would his or her name be, what would their superpower be, and who would be their super villain? Don't ask me what made me think you this, but I thought it would be a really fun game to play with our listeners. It's a tough question once you really think about it.

Hero Name: Captain Turn Signal

Superpower: The ability to indefinitely disable the car of any driver who chose to dive discourteously in Midland/Odessa AND make the driver instantly realize how stupid they are.

Super-villain: Dr. DPS

Super Evil Plot: Invent a device that renders the entire population of a city unable to drive with any common sense and common courtesy what so ever. This device is so powerful that even when a safe driver flips them the super secret Captain Turn Signal signal (the middle finger), the unsafe driver is completely un-phased by this gesture and actually begins driving worse.

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