bad driving

West Texas Super Hero
If there were a Superhero who fought crime in west Texas what would his or her name be, what would their superpower be, and who would be their super villain? Don't ask me what made me think you this, but I thought it would be a really fun game to play with our listeners...
What's Your Least Favorite Intersection In the 432?
It's not exactly breaking news that traffic in the 432 is crazy. We have people not using turn signals, people driving down I-20 and 191 in the left lane not passing anyone, and people constantly running red lights. It's enough to drive even the most even tempered of drivers to insanity...
What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve While Driving?
After taking a short road trip with the family this weekend, I discovered just how bad drivers have gotten in this area. Many complain about it on Facebook, I will just give you a chance to vent through a blog. lol