I don't know about you but once my kids are back in school I am officially ready to turn the page. Seriously, when it comes to weather the way I see it, if we can no longer take summer vacations or lounge by the pool, I'm over the triple-digit heat and it's time to move on with the next season of the year. The 1st official day of fall is not until September 23rd, however, fall-like temps are on the way!

Mother Nature must be hearing my pleas because we are absolutely about to get a break from the triple-digit heat for the next week or so.


Look at that! I've never been so happy to see so many mid-90-degree temperatures in my entire life. Next week is going to be an ideal situation in my opinion.

West Texans know the 105, 106, and beyond temps are unbearable. We can only handle so many heat advisories and if I'm guessing many of us have had our fill this summer.

So get ready for cooler temperatures in Midland-Odessa soon and let's hope it sticks. Some scattered showers would be nice too. Get ready for the 'cool front' folks, maybe grab a light jacket, pull your comfy jeans out of the closet, make sure they still fit and start wearing them again because true Texans know anything below 100 degrees is downright chilly!

Fall cannot come soon enough for me, it is my favorite season of the year!

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