If there is one thing you should know about Texans, it is that we love, I mean LOVE our barbecue. There is truly nothing we will not bust out and bbq for. Your sister bringing the new boyfriend over to meet the fam? Let's barbecue! Your cousin just had a baby? Let's cue it up! Your best friend in 3rd grade just retired from their job? Great, let's just bust out the barbecue pit and celebrate!

No lie, that is how much we love our barbecue. And don't get it twisted, other states, or even family members from other areas might say they can throw down with some barbecue? That's cute, no you cannot. Only Texans can do it right in our opinion. You might try to imitate, but you can never duplicate anyone from Texas and their barbecue.

Do you know that we spend obscene amounts of money on outrageously large and fancy barbecue pits to be able to accomodate all of the friends and family that will be invited over for some barbecue for whatever the occasion?

Did you know that many Texans have entered barbecue 'competitions' to find out whose bbq is the best? Did you know that when anyone in a Texan's family gets married, there is no need to worry about 'catering.' I guarantee an uncle, a friend, a cousin or neighbor has a barbecue pit just waiting to be fired up!

Which brings me to the entire reason I decided to type this article. Yesterday was Mother's Day. When my better half asked what I wanted for my Mother's Day dinner?(we were out-of-town for the weekend)  Without hesitation I said, duh barbecue! And this was my spread. I'm telling you, we go hard with that barbecue, this is a gourmet meal for me and many Texas momma's on Mother's Day!
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