If you hit up downtown Midland on a random Friday or Saturday night, you might find my significant other and I hitting up one of our very favorite places to eat, Cancun Grill. (I'll have to tell you why it is one of our faves in a future article) In fact, there are quite a few places downtown that I frequent. Opal's Table is there, Pi Social (great pizza), Immortal Lab (right above Pi Social) in their new location and Coco Banana's Boutique is in the same area as well. But there is one, little problem in that area....parking is less than ideal. 

I legit have been known to drive round and round and round and round, like a fool, looking for a parking spot. Specifically when I hit up any one of those joints during the day. Thankfully for me and many others like me, that is all about to change. According to the NewsWest 9 website, the Midland City Council recently voted and approved the proposal for valet parking service in this area of downtown Midland.

'Valet Midland' will be available for all of the places I mentioned and others in the area, which many typically tend to avoid because of the parking situation or lack thereof. According to NewsWest 9.com, 'the service will not only help restaurants, but also increase revenues for local businesses.'

This is music to my ears as our family tends to utilize valet service in bigger cities like Dallas and San Antonio where parking is a bigger issue. The valet service has already gone into effect and will cost $7.

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