So here's the skinny.

This is the 432. Every road right about now going to anywhere, completely sucks to drive on right about now. Stop acting so surprised. Stop getting angry about it and causing yourself more stress for absolutely no reason. You're going to get cut off. Someone is going to pull out in front of you. Someone is going to keep going long after the light turned yellow....and that's just 5 blocks after leaving where ever you're heading from.

All these things are going to happen and there's nothing that is going to change that. So why get all worked up about it? Throw some B93 on the ole radio. Listen to the music. Make fun of the commercials...Make fun of the DJ. He's kind of dumb anyway. (That's me BTW) Accept that at most, rushing to get to your destination will probably only end up saving you 3 minutes off your trip at most. Lol seriously think about it. How much time do you think you'll make up for on a 10 minute trip even if you're going 10mph faster? MPH is a measurement of distance traveled in an hour...increasing speed on a 10 minute trip just isn't worth what you're risking. Chill out and try not to let the everyday traffic here bother you so much. Lol btw, I'm writing this as a reminder to myself to read later. I just thought maybe someone else could make use of it too.

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