I remember back in the day when Cabbage Patch Kids and Elmo dolls were all the rage for Christmas. When you couldn't find one to save your life and if you did you better snatch it up and tell no one. People were fighting it out in stores over that one last talking Elmo and I'm pretty sure there was a movie about it as well. Yep, checked it out, 1996, Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Anyway, those days are over thank goodness because as opposed to fighting it out in stores, we now have the internet, where you can pay an outrageous amount of money to someone on the other side of the country who knew ahead of time what the hot toy was going to be and bought a ton of them to sell completely overpriced to people like me who waited until the last minute to check my kids Christmas wish list.

Can I say these 'hot toys' are not what they used to be? Toys are so poorly made these days! Take it from a mother of 3 who knows a thing or two about this. I remember one year my little one wanted a giant egg that you could crack (or impatiently wait for it to hatch on it's own, which never happened) and get a twin surprise inside! Well she got one that year and the ugliest, rattiest little twin 'Hatchimals' popped out. I remember thinking, this is what I just wasted money on and searched the world over for?

This year, we are on the lookout for a Magic Mixie cauldron. Can't find it anywhere, have discovered there are some online going for 2 and 3 times what I would pay instore, IF any store had any left! Smh.

Similar to the egg thing in my opinion, it is a magic cauldron that you pour a bunch of 'potions' in, stir and some up pops the same ratty looking creature. Then your kid gets over the initial excitement and this thing is forgotten about the day after Christmas never to be played with again. Seriously. The struggle is real. Which toy are you having a hard time finding that you know you will end up regretting buying for your kiddos?

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