It was an honor to recently attend the first ever Complex Community Federal Credit Union Shark Tank at Crockett Junior High in Odessa.


The 9th grade AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students were divided into groups and given just one full day to create a product from random items like duct tape, ribbon, foam, etc. Not only did they have to create a product, but they had to develop a team name and build a business plan on how to market it, what it would be priced at and present it.


One of our account executives was one of the three judges for the event and trust, it was no cakewalk for these students. They had to answer some detailed questions about how they came up with their ideas and how they would market their product. It was impressive that they not only came up with products that people would buy, but they factored in how much it costs to make each one and what their profits would be. They gave great answers as to who they were going to be trying to sell these to and how they would do it (social media, testimonials, etc.).


After a lot of consideration and scoring the presentations, the group that won created a Mexican charm bracelet that came in a creative taco looking case. It was awesome to see all the smiling faces when they knew their hard work had paid off. Each team member earned an awesome looking plaque.


Take a good look at these students because they’re on their way to becoming the business owners and leaders here in West Texas. Thank you to everyone at Complex Community Federal Credit Union and the AVID program for helping make this possible and for letting us be a part of it! Our compliments also to all the students on their amazing work!










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