At this point I'm sure we all know about the "You better put some RESPEK on my name" incident involving Birdman and Charlemagne where Birdman stormed out of a radio station in anger.

There's a new rumor going around saying that Birdman wasn't playing and may have possible pulled one of the most cold blooded, most bawler, most gangsta power moves in the history of thugdom. I'm talking comic book, Bruce Wayne, insane badassery.

Rumor has it that Birdman bought out the very radio station that Charlemagne's show (The Breakfast Club) is aired on. . . then fired him. Adding insult to injury, Birdman was supposedly quoted as saying, "He can be my private blunt roller" before Charlamagne was escorted off the premises.

I seriously doubt this is true for a few reasons. Number one being that he supposedly bought the station for $5 Million. I just don't see a radio station with a show like that on it selling for that little. . . But if it is true, that is the most brutal thing I have ever heard.