Ok, I'm gonna level with you guys. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened on this day in 432 history. . . That I can find anyway. According to google, today has historically been a really insignificant day in Texas history all around.

The only thing I could even find in Texas history for today was that the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Texas happened this day in 1931. . . that's it. I have a theory as to why though. As a matter of fact I'm almost certain that my theory is 200% correct.

ITS TOO DAMN HOT! I'm willing to bet that today is the nicest August 16th in the history of August 16ths. It was only 85 degrees at noon today! No one wants to do historical stuff in the middle of August in West Texas. I'm betting that's why you can't find anything that historical for today.

Historical act of the day? "On this day back in the great heat wave of 96', Bill McMadeupname actually mowed his yard. . . the entire thing. . . in this heat." That's about as historic as it gets for today guys.

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