I never realized the pineapple on pizza was such a touchy subject. I know I am VERY opinionated on the subject but I had no clue that others felt so strongly about their pies.

From tomatoes, to jalapenos, to sausage, to chicken to anchovies, there is only one topping that people will really argue to the death over. Pineapple on pizza is either loved or completely loathed to the point of triggering ones gag reflex. How do you stand on this issue? Are you for or against it?

Me personally, I can't stand pineapple period. I hate it on anything and everything. I won't even eat a slice of pizza that HAD pineapple on it because that slice is now guilty by association. I will literally gag at the smell of pineapple. It's the fruit of Satan if you ask me.

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