Ever Heard Of This Crap?
This morning with Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, we played a game with the morning game wheel called, 'real or not' and we happened to feature different types of candy. It reminded me of how recently I was introduced to a candy I had never heard of, let alone seen before.
What Gross Food Do You Like?
I think just about everyone has a few foods they absolutely love but everyone else thinks they are completely barftastic. Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods. I was vegetarian for 3 years (and still dominantly am to be honest) and I was a total gym rat...
To Pineapple or Not to Pineapple?
I never realized the pineapple on pizza was such a touchy subject. I know I am VERY opinionated on the subject but I had no clue that others felt so strongly about their pies.
From tomatoes, to jalapenos, to sausage, to chicken to anchovies, there is only one topping that people will really argue to …
is it a pimple?
I apologize ahead of time for being disgusting but I won't lie, things like this fascinate me. Super gross stuff is intriguing to me. Little known fact about Rebecca Cruz. lol What happens when what you thought was 'scar tissue' ends up being a ZIT that needed to be popped for about 6…