To LIFT or DROP? Your RIDE is everything and if you have been thinking about Droppin the vechicle or LIFTING the vehicle, Jose at Texas Tires might have some answers.

I asked him these questions about lifts amd drops.

1) Can every vehicle get a drop or a lift or does it vary from vechicle to vechicle?

"It all depends if it's a two-wheel drive,four-wheel drive... if you drop a truck too low on a four-wheel drive your going to have to take it off, it won't work. It could be very complicated you got vehicles that are magneride you have vehicles that are air ride suspensions and yeah the parts are difficult to find sometimes.

2) What is the trend right now when it comes to people choosing lifts or drops?

" Of course it's generational.. it's got a lot to do with it. The younger kids like the drop trucks but, lifts are the number one selling Sellers and they're going to keep continue to be from what we see. Here in West Texas a lot of the oilfield guys work out in in the fields so they need something tough and high.

3) Have you ever had to talk somebody out of getting a drop or a lift?

" Plenty of times just because you can't do certain liftss or certain drops on certain vehicles.

4) Once you get a lift or drop, is there anything you need to do after that.

"Yes....maintenance is important...your truck suspension has to be maintained every so so many have to change struts, ball joints, control arms pitman always have to manage.

Any questions you may have on drops or lifts, you can visit Texas Tired at 2324 West Wall or call them at (432) 695-9985

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