You've seen the video we made last week about the big announcement happening today. Well, here it is.


When we host the 90s Bash at La Hacienda on January 9, 2 Live Crew will be performing LIVE! You can't be a fan of 90s music and not know about these guys. I mean, do you remember this one?

Of course, they had some even dirtier songs and that's why it was decided that they were the only 90s group live enough to handle the 4-3-2!

Now, let me tell you and believe me when I tell you, tickets for a hot show like this are going to be going FAST!!!! So don't wait until the day of to decide to go and don't wait until the week of to buy your tickets. Get your tickets now and then print out the tickets and put it on your fridge until the day of. Don't want to miss this show for sure!

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