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Check Out Who is Going to be at the 90s Bash
You've seen the video we made last week about the big announcement happening today. Well, here it is.
When we host the 90s Bash at La Hacienda on January 9, 2 Live Crew will be performing LIVE! You can't be a fan of 90s music and not know about these guys. I m...
What Are the Best Songs of the 80s? Check Out This Video!
The Ultimate 80s Bash is a week from Saturday and that has us thinking about what songs are the best of that whole decade.
The peeps over at made a video today about what songs they think are the best. Check it out!
And if you forgot about all the fun we had at last year's 80s Bash,…
rockers & rednecks
I am super looking forward to our Rockers & Rednecks event! Why? Because not only do we get to celebrate two of my favorite blonde bombshells in radio, but more importantly (sorry ladies) Ryan 'Daddy' Richards from CMT'S Party Down South is hosting! You want to party hard…
Want to be a Radio Star? This is Your Chance!
Oh Snap! We are hosting a talent show at Hacienda May 30th!
I always have guys hitting me up wanting to know how to get on the radio. Here is how you do it folks!!
This winner in each genre will be interviewed on our stations and have their song played as well. If you know a...
How To Disco Part 2 - Check Out These Moves (Video)
Boogie Nights is coming up. That's right the ultimate DISCO party! Saturday April 18th at La Hacienda Event Center.
VIP Tables are gong fast. Get TICKETS HERE!
This is the second video I have put up that shows YOU how to DISCO DANCE! And, by the looks of this couple; it doesn't take much...

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