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Ladies, lets give these thirsty ass dudes on social media something to drink. As a guy, it's flat out insulting how pathetically desperate guys tend to be on social media. Luckily ladies, I know how to put a stop to it. Now, if you're constantly posting photos of yourself that are obviously going to attract that kind of attention, I'm sorry, this isn't for you. If you're honest with yourself ladies, you know who you are.

The next time you have a guy who's constantly commenting on your photo's and telling you how beautiful or pretty you are, go to the search bar on Facebook and type "Photo's Liked by (insert his name here)" and you'll quickly see if he says that kind of thing to only you or if he's just a thirsty mindless jerk. If the list populates with a ton of photos of other girls then he's basically just using the shotgun blast approach, not even aiming and being happy with whatever he hits. Just screenshot that, post it on his timeline, ask him about it for all to see, and see how long it takes him to respond.

Ladies, just FYI though. A model is someone who gets paid to take photos. Unless you're getting paid or only using said photos to send to agencies in hopes of getting paid, you aren't a model. You're just a chick who wants attention and knows a perv with a camera.

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