I know I'm opening up a can of worms on this one but I can't decide who is right. I grew up in WTX and on thing we have always had that can compete with anyone in any part of Texas is our Mexican food.

In particular I speak of fast food. I always thought the best WTX Mexican fast food was hands down Rosa's Café. TACO TUESDAY SON! You just can't mess with it. Of course there are smaller owned places like Oscar's Super Burrito in Midland but I'm speaking overall. If Oscar's had as many locations as Rosa's that would be awesome but alas they don't. I'm not just speaking of food quality when I say "The Best" because when it comes to fast food, convenience and availability are two very important factors.

This brings up another local favorite in the runnings. Taco Villa is everywhere and price wise, you can't beat it. This makes it a heavy hitter in the basin. You can't count out price and the fact that their service is usually pretty good too. Actually, Rosa's don't doesn't play either in terms of quality of servce.

Help me out because I can't decide.