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Rosa’s Has Added A New Location For Breakfast
Yeah baby is all I can say when I hear that Rosa's breakfast is doing so well at their Faudree Road location, that they have decided to add another! This morning the Andrews Hwy. Rosa's Cafe began serving breakfast as well.
Rosa's For Breakfast?
So this is really a thing! A friend sent this to me not too long ago and I thought maybe it was a joke or it was for a different area but it is 100% true! I looooove Rosa's so I'm really curious to see what the breakfast is like. That Ultimate Breakfast Taco is sounding pretty damn good to…
The Best Mexican Food in WTX?
I know I'm opening up a can of worms on this one but I can't decide who is right. I grew up in WTX and on thing we have always had that can compete with anyone in any part of Texas is our Mexican food.
In particular I speak of fast food...
How To Eat The Queso Bowl At Rosa's (Video)
We all love Rosa's Cafe. It's a 432 food institution. And, I bet   as many times as you have gone you have never tried to eat the queso bowl. First off, is this a new thing? Because, when I use to order queso and chips, it use to come in a container...