It's hard enough being unemployed. Now you have to worry about scams, too?

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The Better Business Bureau South Texas is warning that internet scam artists are taking advantage of the people with the most to lose: those in need of a job.

How the Scammers Operate

You would think applying for a job would be the one thing you could do safely online, but sharing your personal information can be risky if the individual you're dealing with is not legitimate.

According to KRGV, one man was trying to get a job as a package handler, and thought he was communicating with Delta Airlines. After being told by the scammer he was hired, he received a 'hiring packet' to fill out online, requiring a copy of his driver's license, social security card, and other details. He sent all the information being requested, then never heard from the alleged representative again.

What makes the story even more disturbing is the fact that he had been using well-known websites to look for jobs, like Indeed and Monster. The Better Business Bureau says unemployed job seekers are more susceptible to these scams, because they are eager to find work and can be desperate.

How to Avoid Job Scams

BBB South Texas President Hilda Martinez recommends that you find out as much as you can about an available job, and contact the company directly before giving out any personal information. She says it's very easy to create a fake LinkedIn profile or bogus job posting on the employment search websites.

Never give information like your social security number, driver's license image, or other sensitive details to anyone without double-checking that the person you're communicating with is exactly who they claim to be.

You can get more tips on how to safely search for jobs online and protect your identity at the security center of

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