A legendary Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin popular for its outdoor sign has its sight set on something big. As big as the Lone Star State itself. El Arroyo restaurant and its words of wisdom will soon expand in Texas according to a recent report from My San Antonio.

The restaurant, known as much for its sign as its food, will be opening its first expanded location in New Braunfels toward the end of 2023. El Arroyo with its funny, sarcastic, and sometimes even truthful sign has been a staple around the Austin area for years.

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I'm quite sure you've spotted the sign on social media many times before. It's all over Facebook and Instagram. Every day, without fail, the message changes. From witty and punny to just plain blatant, the sign sometimes says what others are afraid to. In any case, it's anyways worth a good chuckle. Scroll with me and we'll look at some of my favorites.

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We're taking a look at the popular, opinionated sign of the El Arroyo restaurant.

As a part of the expansion in New Braunfels, the location of the restaurant will open at the tubing company Rockin' R River Rides in Gruene. An existing structure there will be turned into a two-story El Arroyo. The new restaurant will feature catering and banquet facilities as well as second-story dining.

The big question is, will Abilene start seeing these familiar signs soon? That could be a possibility as the owners of El Arroyo, Ellis and Paige Winstanley, are prospecting other areas in Texas with plans of opening several in the coming years.

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