OK so what is the first thing you think of when you stay in a hotel room? It's probably wow we get to stay somewhere other than home! A hotel becomes your home away from home for a few days. The kids are excited, everyone gets to sleep in a bed that is not their own, some nice, fluffy pillows, maybe the excitement of taking a dip in the pool. A continental breakfast, if your particular hotel offers one. 

Or if you are a germaphobe like myself, the first thing you are concerned with may be doing your very best to disinfect the room! I always have my antibacterial wipes ready to go and start wiping down surfaces, door knobs, tv remotes, and faucets. But inquiring minds want to know, what is the one item in your hotel room that carries the most germs? The answer may surprise you...



Just the other day, I came across this article that claims that the 'germiest' item in the room is the CHAIR in the corner.
That was shocking to me! You know the one I'm talking about. The chair that you might kick back on to watch some TV before you head out for the day? The one most men relax on while waiting for the family to get ready. The chair that you may sit in to tie your shoes or the one that is the 'catch all' at the end of the day. Throw your clothes over it, your purse, any and everything you remove from your person more than likely ends up on that chair. Think about that next time you stay at a hotel.

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