We are all either on one side of this topic or the other. Yes or no, it is that simple, isn't it? Here is the question, do you believe in ghosts? I say NO, without hesitation, because I have never had any kind of personal experience as I have heard stories from friends or family members. I'm not knocking those who have had an 'experience,' I'm just saying I am too much of a chicken to believe, and that is really all it boils down to. 

According to swnsdigital.com, almost half of the world believes that the dead can contact us. Think about loved ones you have lost? A parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, good friend, or classmate. Do you think they are able to connect with us from the other side?

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If I'm being completely honest, as someone who has lost both parents, I hope so. It makes me happy to know that they are perhaps giving me little signs, watching over me, letting me know they are still 'around.' According to this website, there are telltale signs that there is a ghost present. Here is a list:

  1. you get a weird feeling someone is with you in the room. You feel a 'presence'
  2. your normally chill pet starts acting strange
  3. a scent that is not yours, perfume, or some other smell fills the room
  4. you feel that someone is touching you, despite being alone
  5. something called symbols of a spirit-things with wings, like butterflies, birds, or even crows, can be a sign of a ghost
  6. things fall or open and close by themselves (this one is quite obvious)
  7. a sudden 'shudder' or the room instantly feels cold
  8. hearing voices when you are alone
  9. getting goosebumps for absolutely no reason
  10. feeling as if you are being drawn to places that were significant or important to the deceased person
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