Check this out! You may have heard me talking on the radio about the allergy test I recently took. Texan Allergy in Midland is where I went and this is how it went down. The process was so easy and I now know exactly what I am allergic to. Cats! Severely. lol It's probably a good thing I've never had one as a pet. 

On a serious note, if you have ever suffered from allergies like myself and antihistamines and OTC meds haven't helped, maybe it's time to find out where the problem lies. Growing up in West Texas, you may have noticed that you suffer from allergies more this time of year or different times of the year.

Turns out I am allergic to several different types of grass and trees, so I am now taking allergy drops that are going to help tremendously. If you are interested in getting tested, give Texan Allergy a call at (432) 400-2988 and set up an appointment. If relief from allergies is what you're looking for, they can help you!

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