Does This Really Help Heartburn?
Uggggghhh is how I felt this morning walking into work. You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up with major heartburn? That was me this morning and with no Tums or Rolaids in sight, I just remembered my mom would always say, 'drink a Coke, it will help you burp.' lol
Where Is The Life Hack For This?
So several coworkers and myself were in the breakroom this morning and someone opened up the work fridge. When I saw this 2 liter, I immediately asked, 'does anyone know how to keep 2 liter sodas fresh?' No one did!
Which Soda You Prefer With Your Floats?
I don't know about you but summertime calls for 'coke floats' or in this case root beer floats. I think we have these more in the summer on a regular basis. To be honest, I grew up with regular coke floats, it never dawned on me that you can use any soda you like.
What Else Is There Besides A Coffee Bar?
Can I say I love this look? I love the latest 'coffee bar' trend and as much as I would love to be a part of it, unfortunately I cannot. Why? Because I don't like coffee. I literally drink a cup of joe in the morning when I get to work for a pick me up and that is the extent of it. I own a coffee pot that has never been used.
found my fave drink
Can we talk about how happy I get when I see this as an option at any restaurant? Big Red is my jam but it is not offered any and everywhere you go. When I see it, you can bet it's my go-to. Well that and Diet Dr.Pepper, another one that is not available just anywhere.
Rebecca's Breakroom Floats
I found leftover ice cream in the freezer so you know what that means ... Coke floats for everyone! Seriously, Leo is tired of me shoving Coke floats down his throat at this point. Lol. But come on, nothing beats a good old-fashioned coke float except for maybe a ...