Have You Been A GOT Fan From Day One?
So are you a 'band waggoner' or have you been a fan from day one? We had the discussion this morning at work after the premiere of Game of Thrones lastnight. Several coworkers were talking about the big show and some of us were completely lost.
I’m Late To This Bird Box Game-My Take On It
Ok I think people are torn. I'm a little late to the Bird Box game but nonetheless I'm playing. I've seen all the meme's, the comments the chatter and I'm curious...did you or did you not? Did you watch and did you love it or hate it?
Are You For Or Against A Maroon 5 Halftime Show?
We learned earlier this week that Maroon 5 more than likely will be doing the Superbowl Halftime Show next year. When I heard this, I was thrilled! Yes, bring on Adam Levine! However, not everyone feels the same. Some say it will be a rather 'boring' show, while others say they must be pla…
Rebecca’s Take On Disney On Ice
So I took my little princess to see the Disney princesses lastnight. My 3 year old daughter, Micah and I went to Disney on Ice. She's been excited to go since we first got the tickets and in my opinion they did not disappoint!
Breakfast Of Champions!
Leo and I are always asked how we can be so 'happy and peppy' so early in the morning, since we wake up at 4 and have to be on the air by 6. This is what is next to me at this very moment. lol Coffee, vodka (I kid, its water) and tea. Maybe that's the key!