Ok what rock have I been under this week? Did everyone else but me know about the local chef that is going be on the show 'Beat Bobby Flay?' How cool is that? My better half mentioned it to me yesterday very casually. He said that the chef from Curb Side Bistro is going to be on the Food Network. My response...' is that the place with the awesome buffalo fries and swine sliders on Andrews Hwy?' (IYKYK) That's the one! 

First of all, if you've never been to Curb Side Bistro, you're trippin. The food is amazing! Now to hear that one of West Texas very own, Chef Alejandro, the man responsible for the amazing food that CSB offers is going to be on a popular show on the Food Network is the coolest! We have to support 432. I happen to know that Chef Alejandro has done so much to help our community in times of need. B93 has gotten the word out about some of his events, so it's no surprise that someone who does good for others now has the honor to be on such a show.

Judging by the overwhelming support on Curb Side Bistro's Facebook page, the community is now rallying behind Chef Alejandro and are looking forward to him BEATING BOBBY FLAY! Chef Alejandro's episode will air on the Food Network on Thursday, April 22nd. 

  • OMG! This is so awesome!


    ! I already have my calendar marked to remind is to watch!

  • Well deserved!! Congratulations! You can beat Bobby and his chipotle seasoning 😜
  • What?! Omg, we watch Beat Bobby Flay and all his other shows faithfully. Good Luck to you Chef Alejandro. We will be cheering you on!
    • thank you so much it mean the world to us having y’all’s support

    Wow I am so happy for you! You deserve it, I will be cheering you on! I get to say I sat next to such a success at Culinary graduation!
    For sure!!
  • This is very exciting! Don't forget us out in West Texas when you're famous!!! Seriously though - you deserve this and you will make everyone out here so proud of you.
  • That just happens to be our anniversary, and that is too awesome.
  • Awesome!! I know you can beat him hands down!!

    Congrats!!🎉 You make Odessa proud!!

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