drive thru

Breakfast Is Served-From Whataburger
Chicken biscuit anyone? Maybe a taquito, bacon or sausage with salsa verde? THIS is what is for breakfast for Leo and Rebecca in the morning. A big thank you to our friends from Whataburger, it was delicious! Don't forget that you can hit up Whataburger at any time for more yummy food like this…
Omigosh NO LINE!
Ok so just like Leap Year only happens once every four years and the solar eclipse every other year, THIS is a rare occurrence...I went to my fave place for a quick bite and there was no line in the drive-thru. I repeat, Has this EVER happened to you?
Fast Food Drive-Thru Struggle
I have a question? How long is too long to wait in a fast food drive-thru before taking off if they take forever to take your order? This is always a discussion between family and myself. I'm not a very patient person on too many things but with something like this, I will wait....