So STAAR testing is underway here in the 4-3-2, and as a parent myself, I want to make sure my kids do the best job they can.

With all the hustle and bustle around this time of year (sports games, practices, end of the year programs, etc.), making sure they're ready for this important test can easily be overlooked! Trust me! So I did some searching and found some simple things we parents can do to help our kids.



  • Healthy Breakfast

    Not everyone is a morning person and during the rush, a pop tart or a granola bar can usually be considered breakfast and that's if you have time. During testing though, I'd try to wake up a little bit earlier to make sure the kids get a good breakfast so they aren't thinking about when is lunch when they're needing to be focusing on their work.

  • Sleep

    We've all been there. Trying to get through a workday when you got little to no sleep the night before. As much energy as kids have, they have days like that too so no matter how much they complain in the evening, an earlier bed time will go a long way.

  • Make Sure They're Wearing Comfortable Clothes/Prepare Ahead of Time

    This can help both you and the kids. If you or they pick out their clothes the night before, it's one less thing you have to think about that morning. Make sure the clothes are comfortable and I would avoid having them wear jewelry or clothes that can distract them or they'll have to fuss with (dangling bracelets, loose fitting watches, etc.).

  • Chat With Your Kids Before and After School

    This may seem like a no-brainer since we talk to our kids all the time, but it can really make a difference to them. Kids look up to parents and having their support can ease their mind going into a big test like this. Teachers put a lot of pressure on the kids to do well (rightfully so), so knowing mom and dad are behind them on this makes a world of difference to kids.

  • It's All About Positivity

    Imagine this. You have a huge work project coming up and you know how much is on the line. You get called into a meeting later this afternoon about it and it could determine whether you get that bonus at the end of the year. Think of how much easier it would be to do that meeting if your supervisor was all supportive and saying you have nothing to worry about vs. them acting like their dog just died and said good luck because you're going to need it. For kids, this is that big meeting so even the little things like, "You're going to do great. I love you!" or "I've noticed how much you've studied for this test. You're ready for it! You got this!" can make a HUGE difference to them.

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