What a beautiful weekend it was! The snow that fell was the 2nd snow day in the last 10 days, surprisingly and our family truly enjoyed it as I'm sure many of you did too. I saw all the photos on social media of families, kids bundling up and playing in the snow. #snowday So much fun! My kids did the same, they went outside to make a snow man, have a snow ball fight, make snow angels and gather snow for some ice cream. 

Snow day traditions are the best! In our household, since this area doesn't see all that much snow, it is usually a big deal when snow falls. My kids cannot wait to get out in it and play. The day usually begins pretty early with playing, followed by coming in, removing the wet clothes, thawing out and bundling up in some warm jammies. Then we have to prepare the snow ice cream that they collected and mix it up with the usual milk, sugar and vanilla. Yum! 

The afternoon calls for a family movie, some sort of kid friendly cartoon or as was the case yesterday, the Karate Kid movies happened to be showing on tv. Yes please! Then by evening, before the kids start to get ready for the next day and get to bed, (and cross their fingers that school will be cancelled or delayed due to the snow-no such luck) momma whips up some hot chocolate and we all enjoy. Who doesn't love hot cocoa on a freezing cold day? Another awesomely fun snow day in the books! Hope you all stayed safe and enjoyed it as well.

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