In the mood for romance? I may just have the solution. If you are someone who likes to wine and dine your significant other but have run out of ideas of things to do as a couple, I'm here to say TikTok to the rescue! I'm grateful for TikTokers sharing their experiences. In this case, the most romantic places to visit in Texas.


1. Adriatica Village in McKinney, TX-a stunning European-style village located in McKinney, where the 2 of you can dine, shop and walk the cobblestone streets. According to their website, it is

Modeled after a fishing village in Croatia.


2. Waterwall Park-Houston, TX-one of Houston's most beloved landmarks, and one of the most visited attractions in Houston, get ready to be amazed by this gorgeous waterwall, the perfect backdrop for the perfect couple's selfie.

3. Mount Bonnell-Austin, TX-a beautiful outdoor adventure with what is considered the best views of the city.

4. Tower of the Americas, San Antonio, TX-a must visit located in downtown San Antonio, a 750-foot tower that will provide you and your boo the most spectacular view of the Alamo City. Check out the scenery from the observation deck, or check out the 4D theater ride. Find out more on their website.

5. Scenic Drive, El Paso, TX-this drive provides a scenic view of El Paso and la Ciudad Juarez. Take the scenic drive through the beautiful mountains of El Paso.

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