I talked to a parent yesterday who called me and wanted to know If I knew when school starts. You would be surprised how many parents don't know. There is still time for some last minute vacations but just a heads up!

I can remember when I was a kid we actually had a full 3 months of vacation. We wouldn't event start till Labor Day. Times have changed.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer vacation, but it probably wouldn't hurt to mark your calendars!

SCHOOL START DATES (Check Your Local School For Verifications) 

MISD August 22nd

ECISD August 22nd

BSISD August 22nd

Andrews ISD August 22

Midland Christian August 15

Trinity August 17

Washington Math/Science Institute August 22

Midland Classical August 22

Harmony Academy August 17

Compass Academy in Odessa August 15