Dealing with computers and the internet is CRAY sometimes, but I did find out a few tips you can post near your computer to help you out.

  • If you're in a crunch and need a new tab open, hit <CTRL><T>.
  • If you're watching Youtube or on Facebook and you see your boss coming down the hallway, hit <CTRL><W> to close that tab.
  • If you closed a tab that you didn't mean to (I do that all the time), hit <CTRL><SHIFT><T> to bring it back.
  • If you're Googling something but keep finding links to things you don't want (For example, if you're searching for Taylor Swift but doesn't want to hear about Kim K), put a minus sign for example, Kanye West -kardashian -- and you'll get Kanye West stuff without Kim Kardashian.
  • If you have a ton of tabs open like I normally do (have to see what's on, TMZ, YouTube,, etc.), hit <CTRL><TAB> to switch between each one without having to click on them with a mouse.
  • If you've got kiddos in school and they need to finish up their reading assignments, try this out. Google the name of the book and then add FILETYPE:PDF to the end of it. If it's posted online, you may able to get it for free.
  • And here's a huge tip for ya. If you're sending someone an e-mail, put in the e-mail address LAST. That way, you don't have to worry about sending the e-mail before you're ready!