Fan speculation surrounding Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red has swarmed the internet since the album was first announced in 2018. Two years later, fans are still wondering when to expect the album from Carti, but some hints may have recently surfaced the internet.

On Tuesday (April 14), Carti released artwork that didn't feature a whole lot of red. Instead, the rapper was seated in an empty room in front of a dark blue background. The cryptic Instagram upload didn't include a caption. However, this is the first indication that Carti is gearing up to release something soon.

That same day, one Reddit user named Kryptonboi noticed leaks of Carti's music have randomly disappeared from the internet. Podcasts on Spotify that held prematurely released tracks potentially linked to his forthcoming album are now unable to be found. The Reddit user pointed out that more than half of the fan pages dedicated to his leaked music are no longer available due to copyright claims—and they were removed at an unusually rapid pace.

"I follow around 60ish Carti leak podcasts on Spotify and have a library of tons of podcast leaks," the post creator wrote. "Over the span of the last week or so, I have noticed that nearly all of these podcasts are being removed for copyright violations. Only around 5 of these podcasts remain still. I believe the 5 podcasts that remain are not Buzzsprout podcasts, so this implies that the copyright notice was filed through Buzzsprout, a large podcast U.I. for podcast creators."

To back up his claims, Kryptonboi linked an image confirming copyrights related to these Carti music profiles that once featured his music have been filed. With Drake dropping Carti related snippets, copyrights being filed, artwork being released and fans demanding new music, it's clear Carti is up to something.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Playboi Carti for comment.

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