Ok, so THIS happened. Twice! Both in the same month, on my left ankle and therefore I have been sporting a stupid wrap on my ankle/heel for that long.

Basically, I had it out with a storm, glass door.....and didn't win. Consider yourself warned, if there is a small, metal piece sticking out from under your glass door, fix it, quick! Or this too, can happen to you and it's not fun and not pretty, especially at the moment. Bled for days, still hurting and I've yet to find a comfortable shoe (other than flip flops) and no I didn't bother going to the hospital for stitches.

This definitely taught me a good lesson though and my better half as well....to slow down and quit being in such a hurry everyday of my life, because I was racing out the door both times and it taught my hubby that when your wife asks you to 'fix the door' that sliced my ankle, DO SO, or said door will be off the hinges by the time you get home! lol