Driving is an activity that sometimes we dread don't we? Normally driving somewhere is a short experience, and then we've reached our destination. But other times, it takes longer to get to the place we need to go to.

That's when things seems to get a little more heated than normal. Suddenly, you notice someone isn't paying complete attention to driving. Someone's on their phone, they aren't going when the light turns green, they aren't using a blinker...there's so many things that will test the nerves.

Unfortunately, these decisions sometimes result in accidents. However, some of these accidents simply make you scratch your head and wonder "how did that exactly happen?" One of those accidents recently was videoed on Tik Tok, and we have some questions to say the least.

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One Accident In Texas That Has Left Us Confused

First off, let's look at the accident in question:

Ok, now that we've seen it, we ask "How in the world?!?" That car almost fit perfectly between those two cars, but obviously it wasn't going to work. Was the driver distracted?

I mean the car is in two lanes at once, in between two cars, almost like a sandwich of some sorts. It just doesn't compute how the driver ended up between two cars. The brakes couldn't have failed, could they?

Regardless, thankfully it seems like no one was injured in this accident, as one driver was taking a photo of the car in question. Let this be a reminder, drive smartly and safely Texans!

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