Rebecca Cruz

Finding the Best Tanning Bed in Time For Summer (SPONSORED)
Decisions, decisions. When I walked into Luv Tan the other day that is exactly the dilemma I was faced with. (good problem to have!) Luv Tan on the corner of 52nd and Tanglewood in Odessa is my fave new place to get my tan on! It's that time of year so why not? When you walk in and take a look …
OUCH! I Got Cut
Ok, so THIS happened. Twice! Both in the same month, on my left ankle and therefore I have been sporting a stupid wrap on my ankle/heel for that long.
Lorraine Valenzuela of Odessa Wins Rebecca vs. Kim Contest!
In a surprise to everyone, Kim Kardashian had her baby over the weekend, five weeks early. While little is being released about the birth as of this posting, that does mean one person here in the 432 won the Rebecca vs. Kim Contest.
Of the 141 votes, 70% thought our own Rebecca Cruz would give birth …